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President Donald Trump has been accused

Will Trump leave the mattress easily?

Although he lost the election, Donald Trump said he could not promise to hand over power to his opponents peacefully. His clear statement that US citizens would not support him, or vote less, could not be the case. If he loses, the only reason will be the postal voting process. Through which he thinks that there is a danger of massive fraud in the vote. As a result, it is safe to say that Trump will not leave the mat easily.

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There are less than a month and a half left before the presidential election in America. Trump faced reporters at the White House on Wednesday in this situation. Asked about the possibility of a transfer of power there, Trump said the possibility would not have arisen if there had been a normal voting process instead of a postal vote. Because, in that case, there was no possibility of his defeat. Trump has said he cannot say right now whether he will lose power peacefully even if he is defeated. “Let’s see what happens in the end,” he said. You know, I’ve been strongly opposed to the ballot by mail for a long time. Honestly, there was no question of unrest if there was no vote in this process. Because in that case power would not have been transferred. This government would have been in power. ”

Science doesn't even know the reason, Trump's claim about fire

America is still the first in the world in terms of corona-infestation. As a result, US voters feel it is safer to vote by postal ballot than by going to the polls. And here’s Trump’s objection. Without any evidence, he goes on to say, Democrats are cracking down on the postal ballot to manipulate the election results, not to worry about public health.

In 2016, Trump also said he would not accept the results if he lost to Hillary Clinton.

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