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Windows 10x is coming to the laptop

Windows 10x is coming to the laptop

Many people are using Windows PC due to lockdown in the Corona situation. Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, has confirmed that it will bring Windows 10X operating system to laptops as Windows usage continues to grow.

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According to the technology website The Verge, Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to re-emphasize the issue of Windows 10X OS on a single-screen device.

“The situation in the world is different now than it was in October last year when we announced our goal for a new category of dual screen Windows devices,” said Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices division.

Windows 10X was originally designed to make things easier. Adding that flexible experience to a single-screen device will enhance the user’s ability to work, learn, and play. ‘

Microsoft did not say when 10X OS would be added to single-screen devices like laptops.

Windows 10x is coming to the laptop
Windows 10x is coming to the laptop

“We are waiting for the right time,” Panay said. The dual-screen device may be out of the market with our device makers. ‘But before that, it could come in a single device like a laptop. It is being given more importance due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Verge said Microsoft is spending 75 percent more time on its Windows 10 software than last year. People are leaving smartphones and tabs and using more laptops and PCs.

Although Windows 10X is designed for dual-screen hardware such as the Surface Neo, it uses a simple and modern interface. To improve the user interface, the Start menu, easy to go to the settings, things have been simplified.

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  1. Melanie

    Microsoft has, to date, only discussed Windows 10X running on dual-screen and foldable computers, but leaks soon after its announcement suggested the streamlined OS would also appear on laptops. Microsoft is not discussing a timeline for its release, though, or whether the dual-screen Surface Neo is delayed beyond 2020 as reports have suggested.

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