You are currently viewing ZTE came up with the world’s first ‘under-display camera’ phone
ZTE came up with the world's first 'under-display camera' phone

ZTE came up with the world’s first ‘under-display camera’ phone

Finally, the Chinese tech giant ZTE has launched the ‘world’s first under-display camera phone’ with the revealing of the fifth-generation (5G) mobile network device ‘Exxon 20’. the corporate launched the phone within the Chinese market in early September.

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Five core technologies including special material, a dual control chip, a unique driver circuit, a special pixel matrix, and an in-house selfie algorithm are utilized in this sophisticated device, ZTE Bangladesh said during a handout.

The handset’s core wide-angle lenses support image stabilization and capture top-quality video. At an equivalent time, the camera software of the device has six intelligent template features to make stylized videos that intelligently match different types of music through special transition effects.

Pang Wei, Chief Marketing Officer of ZTE Bangladesh, said that their company has added new organic and inorganic films with ‘more transparent’ components to balance the display and front camera performance of the device.

Abdullah Rafat, PR Manager, ZTE Bangladesh, while describing the functionality of the handset’s camera, said that the front camera of the handset has been automatically adapted to ‘Dynamic Range Adjustment’ in various lighting conditions.

Aiming at mid-range customers, the Exxon 20 handset is predicted to hit the Bangladeshi market soon. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 65G mobile platform, the Exxon 20’s main camera may be a 64-megapixel super high-definition video that captures high-definition video at 3640×2160 pixels. The device has the power to capture real-time video even in multiple lighting situations.

Also, the device has nine temperature sensors with a ‘Triple Intelligent’ heat removal system to accurately detect the temperature. The ZTE Axon 20 comes with a ‘truly full display’ specification with just 6.96mm thickness, equipped with a 9.92-inch LED or organic LED display. It supports Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) standard 10-bit color maintenance protocol-3.

The device has state-of-the-art video editing functions including artificial intelligence-enabled voice subtitling shooting mode – splicing, speed change, regional cropping, filtering, and background music. ZTE’s Super Antenna 2.0 maybe a 360 degree integrated design PDS leading-edge antenna and close-loop tuning technology that will stabilize network connection and speed up downloads.

Also, the newest Mifavor 10.5 UI system supports movie-level screen optimization and smart screen projection. At an equivalent time, the 4220 mAh battery features a 30 watt ‘fast charge’ and a 5G power-saving mode increases the battery life by 35%.

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